Alex's workshop is located in the small rural village of Beckley just on the outskirts of Oxford. Whilest Alex uses traditional hand skills passed down to him over the years, he is able to blend them with the use of a well equipped woodworking machine shop. This ensures he produces only the very highest standard of finishes but still retains the bespoke quality hand finish that he offers.
"There is nothing more rewarding than working
with such a beautiful material"

Timber has been an influencing part of man kind's evolution and sustainability, and so there is nothing more fitting than crafting something unique from it, and at every opportunity. This is what Alex loves best. Using traditional skills honed and passed down through the generations. Alex will put all his passion into every piece from choosing only the very best of timber, to deciding the most fitting finish to accentuate the natural beauty of the wood. Alex will only source timber from sustainable managed forests and is very keen to promote the use of native species and locally felled timber when available.


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